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The most important single activity of TRB is its Annual Meeting. At this meeting several hundred peer reviewed papers and presentations are made to some 7,000 attendees at over 250 formal sessions. Contributing to this effort, the Statewide Data and Information Systems Committee has sponsored or co-sponsored the following sessions.

General Assembly Listing
History -- 1999 Annual Meeting
January 10-14, 1999

General Assembly Listing
History -- 2000 Annual Meeting
January 9-13, 2000

General Assembly Listing
History -- 2001 Annual Meeting
January 7-11, 2001

76th Annual Meeting, January X-XX, 1997 
Session #305: Applications of Traffic Data in Statewide Planning 
Ron Tweedie, New York State DOT, presiding. 
Interactive Trip Purpose Stratification Using Traffic Counts and Spreadsheet Programs. Jiangyan Wang and Eugene Wilson. (971009). 
Accuracy of Estimates of Mean Daily Traffic: A Review. Gary Davis. (970984) 
Uses of Vehicle Classification Data. Nikiforos Stamatiadis and David Allen.(970094). 
Arterial Link Travel Time Estimation: Probes, Dectectors, and Assignment-Type Models. Ashish Sen, Siim Soot, Joseph Ligas and Xin Tian.(970094).

75th Annual Meeting, January 7-11, 1996 (The Blizzard of '96) 
Session #88: Innovations in Transportation Data Management 
(Co-sponsored with the Committe on Urban Data and Information Systems--A1D08) 
Ed Christopher, Chicago Area Transportation Study, presiding. 
Development and Benefits of Computer Aided Travel Time Data Collection. Robert Benz and Michael Ogden. (960489) 
Determining Detailed Origin-Destination and Travel Time Patterns Using Video and Machine License Plate Matching. Paul Shuldiner, Salvatore A. D'Agostino, and Jeffrey B. Woodson. (961219) 
Application of a Relational Database Structure for Managing Network Information. Vijay Perincherry, John E. Evans and Amy Bradstreet. (960642) 
Origin-Destination Survey Data Dissemination in a Metropolitan Context: A Multimedia Experience. Robert Chapeau, Martin Trepanier, Pierre Lavigueur and Bruno Allard. (960616) 
Sample Weights for the PSTP Using Stratification Anchors in the PUMS and Probabilistic Models for Self Selection. Jun Ma and Konstadinos Goulias. (960562) 
MWCOG Procedures for Adjusting the 1990 Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP). Robert Griffiths and Noriah Din Daily. (960847) 
Advanced Techniques for Travel Time Data Collection. Shawn Turner. (960392)