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TRB Statewide Data and Information Systems Committee

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Bobby Approved 3.2
February 16, 2001

Transportation Research Board
Statewide Transportation Data and Information Systems
Minutes of Committee Meeting
Hilton International West
January 9, 2001

The meeting was called to order by Ron Tweedie.  A self-introduction by participants followed.  Copies of the attendance list and agenda are attached.  Copies of the agenda, the strategic plan, and the activity self-evaluation were handed out to participants.

NCHRP Program - Ron McCready - The program is funded by the States.  Current funding is set at $31M for highways and $8.5 for transit.  Expert panels are organized to write the specifications, evaluate, and guide the selected projects.  Project proposals can be submitted by the States, AASHTO committees, or the FHWA.  To advance projects TRB committees must follow one of these 3 sources.  The AASHTO Standing Committee on Research (SCOR) selects the projects.  The State Research Advisory Committee (RAC), with a member in each State, is the source of contacts on proposed projects.  Annually, NCHRP project proposals for the first stage are due by June and for the second stage by November.

TRB Activities - Tom Palmerlee - There were 7,500 registrants at the 80th Annual TRB Meeting, a record number.  Emphasis is being placed on developing a strategic plan.  Per TRB policy, member rotation is under way.  A triennial review of committee activities will be conducted.  A new TRB policy is to encourage young professionals under 30 to join committees as members. Two additional member slots have been added to each committee solely for this purpose.  NASA is now a TRB sponsor and is very interested in ITS and remote sensing activities.

Committee Data Activities - Mid-year Meeting - Several committees including A1D09 have agreed to hold their meeting July 19-24 in Vail, Colorado.  The agenda of the data committees is being coordinated with the planning and economic committees.  Tom Palmerlee and Jon Williams provide the TRB support for the summer meeting.  Peer Review Meeting - A1D09 is hosting a peer review meeting to be scheduled concurrently with the mid-year meeting.  Anita Vandervalk is working to outline the topics.  Ideas under consideration include data integration, improving data quality, bringing the importance of data to the forefront, and the identification of data items needed to meet new requirements.

BTS - Dr. Ashish Sen, BTS Director, discussed the continuing role of the BTS in highlighting the importance of data to transportation.  He offered comments on strategic issues facing the transportation data community and presented his views on the future of transportation data.  BTS information is found at

ITS - Ralph Gillmann briefly discussed the status of ADUS and the development of data standards.  The ADUS Resource Page is at: .  The ITS Data Archiving Report is at:  .  Ralph also announced the 2002 NATMEC and International WIM Conferences scheduled to run concurrently the week of May 13, 2002 in Orlando, Florida. The webpage for NATMEC 2002 is at: .

Environmental Research Project - Rich Margiotta, Cambridge Systematics, discussed a recently initiated project sponsored by the FHWA to estimate the traffic impact on particulate matter (PM) pollution.  He will be soliciting a number of States and urban areas to provide traffic data directly related to the location of EPA PM environmental sites to study the relationship of traffic to PM measurements.  A plan identifying the data needs and relationships to be explored is being developed.

Sensor Technology Research - Perry Kent discussed a catalog of data collection technologies for ITS being developed by the New Mexico Vehicle Detector Clearinghouse.  Additional information is available at: .

Traffic Monitoring Guide - Tony Esteve handed out copies of the draft TMG Executive Summary and discussed the upcoming release of the draft guide.  The new guide emphasizes the collection of vehicle classification data.  It will be posted shortly at: .

Irvine Performance Measures Conference - Jonette Kreideweis - The conference was held in Irvine late October - early November 2000, sponsored by the TRB Committee on Transportation Programming, Planning and Systems Evaluation, Subcommittee on Performance Measures.  Our committee was involved in the planning of presentations, speakers and break-out discussions.  Attending were many State DOTs, transit authorities, MPOs, and others.  The conference included four commissioned papers; presentations and panel discussions; a poster session; breakout sessions on linking performance measurement to decision making; agency implementation of performance measurement, data needs and analytical issues; and connecting measures to broader social goals.  On the last day, there was an excellent panel discussion on performance measures for freight.  Proceedings by Henry Peyrebrune should be available in the near future.

Fuel and Finance Data Reassessment - Tom Howard, FHWA, discussed the status of the reassessment.  The group met Nov 29-30, 2000 in Wash, DC.  Steve Moreno is the chairperson.  A paper documenting the results is due Feb 15.  A pamphlet describing the attribution of highway revenue to the States was distributed.  Additional information is available at:

Remote Sensing - Roger Petzold, FHWA, discussed the status of remote sensing activities.  The RSPA is soliciting annual research proposals relating remote sensing to transportation.  A remote sensing conference is being organized for November in Denver.

Committee Round Table - As is the usual practice, committee members discussed new activities/issues/concerns in their respective areas.  A very brief summary follows:

Rob Bostrom, Ky - Several research projects on growth rates, VMT, vehicle classification, load spectra for pavement design, and Interstate traffic volume factoring using index stations.  Mobility monitoring program (ARTIMIS) makes use of ITS traffic data.  A mobility team will be formed.  A traffic monitoring team meets monthly to continuously review the TMS program.  KY has a statewide and 30 urban models.  County models are planned for air quality evaluation.  A demand model users group tracks model improvements and issues.  An NPTS add-on is planned.  Public involvement has raised the importance of planning data.  Air quality has resulted in increased collection of local traffic data.  A bicycle origin-destination survey was conducted.  A GIS/GPS system with one-meter accuracy is being developed at a cost of 2.5 million with completion expected in 3 years.

Ken Miller, MA - The Central Artery project is receiving tremendous attention and will have a large impact on State/MPO funding issues.  Environmental justice and TIP equity are issues in Boston and in the update of regional plans.  The road inventory system is being upgraded and linked to the models.  Work continues on developing a statewide model.

Bill Walsek, MD - A Highway Indicators Report has been released covering major issues such as structures, smart growth, quality of life, conditions, usage, demand, population, and community enhancement.  Traffic volume maps are available on the web.

Jonette Kreideweis, MN - The State is converting its mainframe operation to a server architecture.  Oracle will be installed.  This will result in better data for strategic planning and performance management.  The traffic monitoring base of ATRs, vehicle class, WIM will be updated.  A presentation on the results will be made in Orlando at the NATMEC conference.

Carl Fischer - FRA - Two primary databases used by the FRA are the Carload Waybill Sample and the National Railroad Network.  The Waybill Sample is an annual sampling of all rail freight movements in the United States collected under the authority of the Surface Transportation Board (STB).  The National Railroad Network is a computerized representation of all rail routes in the United States with Canada and Mexico.  The FRA created the first version five years ago.  Annual updates of the 1:2,000,000 scale Rail Network have been made public.  In addition a 1:100,000 version has been made public for the last two years.  Both of these networks are included in the National Transportation Atlas Database distributed by BTS.  Copies can be obtained at (202) 366-DATA or from the BTS web site:

Jim Getzewich, FHWA, reported on the status of the HPMS.  The 1999 HPMS can be viewed in a GIS environment in the BTS Intermodal Transportation Database.  The capability was on display at the FHWA and BTS booths during TRB.  The ITDB uses the NHPN network to create the GIS display.  It will be available on the web later this year.

Mark Byram - OH - Working to implement a statewide model providing a forecasting capability.  Travel surveys for each of the MPOs will be done.  The traffic data program is decentralized with the districts collecting the data.  Automatic data collection is being expanded with more ATRs in urban areas, more WIM sites, and work to collect data from ITS systems.  A system to integrate the data and create a warehouse is being developed.  Work underway to improve the road inventory database.  The models will be updated to provide a freight movement component.

Ray Kumapley - Purdue U. - Work is underway to develop a VMT estimation model for the Indiana DOT.  The NPTS will be used as one of the data sources.  Remote sensing and satellite imagery are being explored to simulate road traffic.

Upcoming Conferences:

April 9-11, 2000 - GIS Annual Conference, Crystal City, VA.
April 22-26, 2000 - Application of Transportation Planning Methods, CorpusChristi, TX.
June 18-19, 2000 - National Forum on Challenges with Multi-State/Jurisdictional Transportation Issues, Crystal City, VA.
May 13-17, 2002 - NATMEC and International WIM Conferences, Orlando, FL.

Committee Chair: Ron Tweedie,
Secretary: Tony Esteve,