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TRB Statewide Data and Information Systems Committee

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AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning (SCOP)


Data Task Force


A short list of the activities the Data Task Force worked on over the last year includes:


§          At the Spring SCOP Meeting in New Orleans, the Data Task Force identified several data research topics related to reauthorization and the development of the “Bottom Line Report”.  At the TRB Mid-Year Meeting in Vail, Colorado, Alan Pisarski reported that research is moving forward on many of these topics.

§           A poll of Data Task Force members also produced several research proposals that were forwarded to Ken Leonard for consideration by the SCOP Research Subcommittee.  One dealt with using American Community Survey data for transportation planning.   Others focused on developing enhanced tools and analytical methods for using HPMS and other federally reported data.

§          Data Task Force members have served as a sounding board on the CTPP, providing comments and input on recent Census Bureau Disclosure Review Board “contingencies” that would affect the level of detail and spatial geography available for transportation planning.

§          Data Task Force members, together with TRB staff are exploring the desirability of holding a peer exchange in Spring 2002 to identify best practices in using GIS and spatial data tools to enhance and streamline transportation planning, project development and program delivery activities.    If plans for the peer exchange move forward, the planning team would like to have findings, conclusions and next steps available for discussion at the AASHTO SCOP Meeting in March 2002.  


November 30, 2001

Jonette Kreideweis, Minnesota DOT

Chair, SCOP Data Task Force