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TRB Statewide Data and Information Systems Committee
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Transportation Research Board
Statewide Transportation Data and Information Systems
Summary of Committee Meeting
Vail Marriott
July 21, 2001

Ron Tweedie chaired the meeting.  In attendance were 18 participants (12 members and 6 friends).  The agenda and attendance list are attached.

TRB Activities
Mark Norman and Tom Palmerlee discussed several new activities including the online paper review software and process, the quality process, strategic planning, and an initiative to improve communication among TRB members.

Committee Plans and Activities
Several participants discussed the need to improve cooperation and dialogue between ITS data operations and traffic or planning staff.  Operations staff would benefit by the use of data to measure performance and this would also increase the value of data for other purposes. There is need to highlight the importance of data for other areas including operations, maintenance, safety, traffic engineering, and systems performance.  A session is being planned for NATMEC to address these areas (Pat Hu is the contact).  A planning for operations conference was also discussed.  Anita Vandervalk discussed plans for the peer review session on enhancing the value of data programs scheduled for July 23 and 24.  She also demonstrated a draft prototype of the committee webpage developed by her staff to become operational soon.  The committee strategic plan has been approved by TRB.

Task Force on Environmental Justice
The committee agreed to co-sponsor a poster session at the annual meeting to highlight the use of data for this purpose.

General Activities
1. The AASHTO Data Task Force is planning to study how to address significant data gaps (Jonette Kreideweiss is the contact).
2. Alan Pisarski discussed the review of the Conditions and Performance Report as related to the next reauthorization of the highway program.
3. Several participants discussed the notion of reducing the data burden or what data not to collect.  Many MPO are overloaded and need to prioritize their data activities.  Not all data can be collected.  The economic efficiencies of data collection and the objectives of data collection versus the costs need to be explored.
4. The final report of the TRB Data Integration Peer Exchange by Henry Peyrebrune has been completed and will be released shortly.
5. Ed Christopher discussed BTS activities including the data gaps initiative and the Intermodal Transportation Database.

Future Meetings
TRB Annual Meeting - Washington, DC., starting January 13, 2002
The mid-year meeting has been scheduled in conjunction with NATMEC in Orlando, Fla., May 12 to 16, 2002.  For details see

Follow Up Items
Future minutes will include this section to highlight activities where work is continuing.

Committee Chair: Ron Tweedie,
Secretary: Tony Esteve,