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TRB Statewide Data and Information Systems Committee

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Bobby Approved 3.2

FHWA’s Office of Highway Policy Information has established Internet accessible Communities of Practice (CoP’s) to support stakeholder dialogue on:


·          The Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS),

·          Travel Monitoring, and

·          Motor Fuel / Highway Trust Fund Attribution


CoP's are networks of people with mutual interests, goals or expertise working together to exchange ideas and information, share and collaborate on projects, speed technology transfer, identify best practices, and advance the state-of-the-art in their fields. CoP's cut across organizational and geographic boundaries.


The Highway Performance Monitoring System CoP   is dedicated to the open exchange of information and knowledge on all things related to HPMS. This forum allows anyone interested in HPMS to interact on any number of HPMS issues and to assist others in acquiring knowledge from an array of HPMS professionals throughout the country. The CoP’s link is at  


The Travel Monitoring CoP supports knowledge sharing related to the collection, editing, analysis and archiving of traffic counts, vehicle classification and weigh-in-motion data. The CoP’s link is at


Motor Fuel / Highway Trust Fund Attribution:   This site supports knowledge sharing on collection and analysis of motor fuel and associated highway trust fund attribution.   This will allow interested parties to share on issues related to motor fuel and attribution.   This site when available can be found at:


Each of the CoP’s supports


The Works in Progress section is where the site administrator places draft papers, statements, and plans for review. You can comment and/or suggest revisions to each document.


  At the Discussion section, you can submit general comments or start a new discussion. If you wish to attach a document with your comments and suggestions, please contact the site administrator.


At the Directory, you will find contact information for all identified users.


 The Reference section contains background papers, reports, and other documents. You can choose to view this information with your browser or download information to your computer for later use.