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CTPP Questionnaire
To help us plan for the 2000 CTPP we are interested in learning about your use and acceptance of the 1990 CTPP and your needs for the future.  While the information you provide is not binding it will help give us an idea of what is important, what should stay, what can go and how best to proceed.  Remember, the CTPP is a product for the greater transportation planning comunity so your input is needed.

1.  Did You use the CTPPSure Did  Nope

2. What tables or parts of the 1990 CTPP did you use?
A. Statewide Element
B. Urban Element

3. What tables or parts from the 1990 CTPP were of least importance to you?
A. Statewide Element
B. Urban Element

4. What data, tabulations or other products  would you like to have available for the 2000 CTPP that  were not part of the 1990 CTPP?

5. What is the best way for you to access the 2000 CTPP data tables [ASCII, dBASE, Spreadsheet (Excel, Lotus, Quattro Pro), SAS, GIS-based, other]?

6. What GIS software and platform do you currently use? What GIS format would be best for digital file exchange [ASCII comma delimited, ASCII space delimited, ARC Export files or shapefiles, other GIS data formats (Transcad, MapInfo, Intergraph, etc), CAD dxf]?

7. What is the source of your GIS base map (TIGER, ETAK, other private vendor, created in-house, other)?

8. If given the opportunity, would you assign staff and resources to participate in workplace coding for 2000?
9. Overall what did you really think about the CTPP?
Please Select Only One 

10. The Subcommittee is starting a small list serve (mail list) for the tranportation planning community intersted in sharing information relavant to the 2000 Census and beyond.  Are you interested in joining our mail list?
Yes  NoTell Me More First

The CTPP Questionnaire is hosted by Committee on Statewide Data and Information Systems (A1D09) in cooperation with the Committee on Urban Data and Information systems (A1D08)
For Questions About The Questionnaire Contact
Tom Mank
FAX: 202-366-7660
Ph: 202-366-4087
Ed Christopher
FAX: 312-793-3481
Ph: 312-793-3467
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