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Mr. Ronald W. Tweedie Tel: (518) 457-1966
Director/Data Services Bureau
New York State DOT
Building 4, Room 115
1220 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12232-0001

Mr. Tony Esteve Tel: (202) 366-5051 
Information Management and Analysis
Office of Highway Policy Information
FHWA, HEP-30, Room 3301
400 7th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20590
Mr. James Getzewich
Highway Systems Performance Division
Office of Information Management
Fedral Highway Administration
Mr. Carl J. Fischer
Director Analytical Systems Staff
Office of Policy and Program Development
Federal Railroad Administration
Mr. Robert LaMacchia
Assistant Division Chief
Geocartographic Services
Bureau of the Census
Dr. Philip N. Fulton
Associate Director
Data User Services
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Mr. Ed J.Christopher
Director of Information Services
Chicago Area Transportation Study
Ms. Martha Tate-Glass
Program Manager TSI
Ms. Janet Harvey
Statewide Systems Planning
Georgia DOT
Mr. William Walsek
Maryland State Highway Administration
Mr. Joe McGinnes
Bureau of Planning and Research
Pennsylvania DOT
Mr. Jim Hall
Chief of Data Services
Illinois DOT
Mr. David J. Scott
Mapping and Data Engineer
Vermont Agency of Transportation
Mr. Kenneth Miller
Technical Director
Massachusetts Highway Departmentl
Ms. Patricia S. Hu
Center for Transportation Analysis
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mr. Randy Wade
Chief, Statewide Systems Planning
Wisconsin DOT
Mr. Douglas M. Hamlin
Chief Operating Officier
Creighton Manning Incorporated
Ms. Kim Hajek
Director of Data Managment
Texas DOT
Ms. Charnelle Hicks
PWC Consulting
Ms. Patricia Trepanier
Director, Transportation Division
Statistics Canada
Mr. Jean-Loup Madre
Department of Transport Economics and Sociology
Arcueil Cedex, FRANCE
Mr. Rob Bostrom
Division of Transportation Planning
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet 
Mr. Rick Miller
Kansas Department of Transportation
Mr. Jon D Fricker
School of Civil Engineering
Purdue University
 (Tel:202-334-2907 Fax: 202-334-2003)

Tom Palmerlee
Transportation Research Board
2101 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20418
The Executive Director of TRB appoints the committee members for a 3-year period. Reappointments are limited by the National Academy of Sciences' requirements for substantial rotation of membership. Members of a committee are selected on the basis of their interest in and ability to contribute to the study of the subject or to the solution of the problem under consideration. Committees are limited to 25 members including the chairman.

For more information about TRB committees and committee membership, contact the Transportation Research Board, or refer to the TRB publication Informational and Operational Guide.


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