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Draft 12/3/97
Committee on Statewide Transportation Data and Information Systems (A1D09)
January 12, 1998
Monday, 1:30 pm
Hilton, Caucus Room
Meeting Agenda

1. Introductions -- Ron Tweedie, NYSDOT

2. Current Data Activities of State DOT's -- Individual presentations by participating State representatives

3. National Survey Activities in France -- Jean-Loup Madre, INRETS

4. Committee Liaisons
    Freight Planning Activities (A1B09) -- Russ Capelle, BTS
    Statewide Multimodal Planning (A1D01) -- Neil Pedersen, MDDOT
    Highway Traffic Monitoring (A2B08) -- David Huft, NDDOT

5. ITS as a Data Resource -- Ralph Gillmann, FHWA

6. Internet Data Activities:
    a) BTS -- Robert Zarnetske, BTS
    b) FHWA Office of Planning -- Russ Robertson, FHWA
    c) OHIM -- Bryant Gross, FHWA
    d) Committee Website -- Ed Christopher, CATS

7. A1D09 Strategic Plan -- Charnelle Hicks

8. Paper Reviews - Brief presentations

    Effect of Infrastructure Management Integration on Highway Users and Agencies -- Nasir Gharaibeh

    Establishing a Methodology for Estimating Personal Travel for All Modes and Purposes on a State-Wide
    Basis: the Case of Pennsylvania's Policy Plan -- Charnelle Hicks

9. Future Committee Activities -- Ron Tweedie, NYSDOT

Committee Website:
Ron Tweedie, President:
Tony Esteve, Secretary:
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