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December 1, 1998
TRB Committee on
Statewide Transportation Data and Information Systems
January 12, 1999, Tuesday, 2:00 pm


1. Introductions -- Ron Tweedie, NYSDOT

2. Current Data Activities of State DOT's -- Individual presentation of relevant issues by participating State staff

3. Status of FHWA's Field and HQ Restructuring -- Tony Esteve, FHWA

4. Status of ITS Data Activities -- Ralph Gillmann, FHWA

5. Summary of HPMS Reassessment and Implementation Plans -- Jim Getzewich, FHWA

6. AASHTO SCOP Data Task Force -- Ron Tweedie, NYSDOT

7. Committee Liaisons:
            Statewide Multimodal Planning (A1D01) -- Neil Pedersen, MDDOT
            Highway Traffic Monitoring (A2B08) -- David Huft, SDDOT
            Other Data Committees -- Chairs as available


8. Committee Business Meeting:
            - A1D09 Draft Strategic Plan -- Charnelle Hicks
            - Membership Rotation -- Ron Tweedie
            - Website -- Ed Christopher
            - Transportation in the New Millennium - A Look Forward
            - Identification of Relevant Research Activities
            - Other Issues Raised by Participants
            - Future Committee Activities -- Ron Tweedie

Committee Website:
Ron Tweedie, President:
Tony Esteve, Secretary:
Committee Members