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A1D09 - Statewide Transportation Data and Information Systems
Mid-Year TRB Meeting
July 13, 1998
Crowne Plaza, Seattle, Washington.

Chairman: Ron Tweedie, NYSDOT, (518) 457-1966,
Secretary: Tony Esteve, FHWA, HPM-30, (202) 366-5051,

1. Attendance - Twenty-two persons including 10 members were present. A list is attached.

2. Agenda

3. Committee Program - Mr. Tweedie convened the meeting followed by self introduction by participants.  The meeting consisted of extensive discussions following the agenda, but touching on many issues, and with much participation from attendees.  Highlights follow:

Strategic Planning - Charnelle Hicks presented a plan for the development of the committee’s strategic plan. A handout was distributed to participants.  Charnelle agreed to prepare a draft plan to be reviewed by members present at the Seattle meeting with the goal of presenting a draft plan to the full membership at the January 99 TRB meeting.

Plans for Jan 99 Meeting - A1D09 has reserved time for one paper session and one conference session at the annual meeting.  TRB papers are due Aug 1and will be distributed to committees for review soon after.  All reviews must be returned to TRB by Oct. 1, along with recommendations for the paper session.  The conference session topic must also be determined (suggestions?) and tentative speakers must be identified by October 1.   Much of the discussion centered on Year 2000 plans.  It was suggested that committee members be prepared to discuss their state's plans for statewide data collection at the annual meeting.

Chuck Purvis discussed a special initiative TRB is planning for the year 2000.  Entitled "Transportation in the New Millennium --- A Look Forward," this project has the goal of documenting the state-of-the-art and practice, along with a look at where we are heading as we move into the 21st Century.  Committee members interested in helping prepare A1D09's contribution to this initiative should contact Ron.  We will need to report out on progress at the annual meeting.  Chuck also discussed Oregon’s strategic goal of reducing VMT per capita by 10 percent.

Alan Pisarski mentioned the need to discuss highway corridor, international, and border issues and their impacts on data.    The need to identify research areas for future research activities was mentioned.

Member Rotation - Ron Tweedie discussed the TRB requirements for regular  rotation of committee membership to allow broader participation and to encourage fresh ideas and energy.  The membership of A1D09 is due for rotation following the 1999 annual meeting. Since we are a new committee (3 years) the requirement to rotate 1/3 of the membership will likely be relaxed, however, this is an opportunity for some turnover, if desirable.   Ron plans to send a letter to each member to begin the process.  The discussion centered on membership duties and responsibilities.  Rick Miller indicated an interest in receiving the letter to enhance managerial support for participation in TRB activities.

Committee Interaction - Liaison with other committees is needed and each member was asked to contribute by providing information of other committee activities.  We'll plan to develop regular working relationships with appropiate committees.  (eg. A1D01 - Statewide Multimodal Planning)

HPMS Update - The status of the HPMS update was discussed.  The HPMS Steering committee met and evaluated the proposed change plans.  The approved changes will start with the 1999 data submission in July of 2000.  Martha Tate-Glass discussed an HPMS report prepared by Caltrans and agreed to provide copies to members.

TMG Update - Tony Esteve discussed the research status and FHWA plans for the 1999 update.  AASHTO is also looking to update the AASHTO Guidelines for Traffic Data programs.  Both activities will be coordinated.  The discussion centered on classification issues.  Dane Ismart mentioned the need for class data for Statewide plan activities.  Bob Gorman mentioned the importance of truck classes and the need to involve users.  David Scott mentioned the inability of current equipment to adequately classify and to keep up with changes in vehicle configuration.  Russ Capelle mentioned the TIUS changes.  Ron Tweedie mentioned the need to track international  border truck activities.

SCOP Activities - Neal Peterson mentioned SCOP plans to help implement NCHRP 8-36 a new project for planning related research.

Irvine Conference - The Statewide Travel Demand Forecasting Conference is planned for Dec 6-8, 1998 at the Beckman Center in Irvine, California.  Plans call for a workshop format with 75 attendees by invitation.  An interest sign-up list was circulated.

Census Activities - Ed Christopher briefly mentioned the plans for the CTPP package including pooled acquisition by States and table formatting changes.  Information is available from Ed’s Census Committee via webpage.  Several papers discussing Census issues were distributed.

License Plate Survey - Paul Shuldiner, UMASS, discussed issues related to accessing motor vehicle registration files.  He mentioned the Federal legislative requirements that allow access to the data and highlighted difficulties and ways to increase response.  A general discussion ensued regarding issues of privacy, individual access control forms, confidentiality, agency cooperation, etc.  Handouts were provided to participants.  A copy of the handout is not attached but is available on request.

GPS Equipment Research - Elaine Murakami discussed the research providing GPS equipment and computers to travel survey participants.   The project was conducted in Lexington, KY in the fall of  1996.  The study was a success.  The equipment worked well and the data is available, but only a small sample of 100 drivers was used.  A report is available from the FHWA OHIM webpage. A follow-up study using trucks in cooperation with the California Air Resources Board is planned to verify equipment operation and to establish trucker cooperation and trucker usage issues.

NPTS/ATS Conference - A call for papers has been issued for the subject conference in Washington, DC, June 28-July 1, 1999.  Abstracts are due Sept. 8.  The possibility of piggy-backing the TRB data committees mid-year meetings with this conference was mentioned.

Attendance List
Ron Tweedie, NYSDOT, (518) 457-1965
Charnelle Hicks, Phila, PA, (215) 546-1496
Chuck Purvis, MTC, Oakland, CA, (510) 464-7731,
Rick Miller, Kansas DOT, Topeka, KS, (785) 296-7441,
Fred March, MODOT, Jeff City, MO, (573) 526-0991
David Scott, Vermont AOT, (802) 828-2663,
Jim Cain, Statistics Canada, (613) 951-0518,
Russ Capelle, BTS, USDOT, Wash, DC 20590, (202) 366-5685,
Bob Spicher, TRB, (202) 334-2955,
Ed Christopher, CATS,(312) 793-3467,
Pat Hu, ORNL, (423) 574-5284,
Tony Esteve, FHWA, HPM-30, (202) 366-505 1,
Robert LaMacchia, Geo Division, Census, (301) 457-1022,
Bob Gorman, FHWA, HEP-10, Wash, DC, (202) 366-5001
Dane Ismart, Louis Berger & Associates, (407) 644-823 1, ismart @
Paul Shuldiner, CEE Dept, UMASS, Amherst, MA 01003, (413) 545-2688,
Carolee Bush, BTS/DOT, (202) 366-6946,
Martha Tate-Glass, Caltrans, 1120 N St, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 654-6228
Alan Donelson, Exponent Failure Analysis, Menlo Park, Ca 94025,
Jim Scott, TRB
Nell Pederson, MD DOT
John W. Fuller, University of Iowa, 340 Jessup Hall, Iowa City, IA 52242-1316, (319) 335-003


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