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Bobby Approved 3.2

Using Spatial Data, Tools and Technologies

To Improve the Delivery of Transportation

Peer Exchange

March 23 -24, 2002, Charleston, South Carolina


New spatial data, tools and technologies are enhancing and streamlining transportation program delivery activities in many parts of the country. The TRB Committee on Statewide Data and Information Systems is hosting a peer exchange to identify the kinds of spatial data tools and information that are most effective in delivering multi-modal transportation programs. The optimum use of these tools in improving program delivery will also be explored.  Results of the exchange will provide insights into what investments are likely to yield the highest value for transportation agencies.



Invitations will be extended to 15-20 members of the TRB Committee on Statewide Data and Information System and other participants who are involved or interested in implementing spatial data tools and technologies to operate, manage and improve transportation programs within their agencies and departments.


Format and Topics

The peer exchange program will include 2-3 opening presentations highlighting the role and value spatial data, tools and technologies offer.  Subsequent group discussions and brief individual state presentations will focus on:

§          Specific examples of where new spatial data, tools and technologies have led to improved decision making, streamlined program delivery activities and/or more comprehensive analysis of modal choices and alternatives.

§          Issues associated with the implementation of new spatial data tools and technologies, including those associated with integrating data with different scales and resolutions.

§          Effective uses and applications of nationally available data sets.

§          The role of remote sensing and other emerging spatial data technologies .


Results of the peer exchange will provide findings and insights into what kinds of spatial data, information, tools and technologies can yield the most value and benefit in terms of improving transportation program delivery processes for transportation agencies.


Record:  A summary of key findings, conclusions and recommendations will be prepared and shared with others in the transportation community.  

Location:   ( To be held at the same location or in close proximity to the AASHTO SCOP and SCOE Meeting)


Dates:   March 23-24, 2002