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TRB Committee on

Statewide Transportation Data and Information Systems


Tuesday, January 15, 2002

8:00 am

Hilton – State Room




1.            Introductions -- Ron Tweedie  


2.         TRB Report – Tom Palmerlee  


3.            Workshop on Improved Monitoring to Support Transportation Operations – Bill Walsek


4.         The latest from FHWA on the Traffic Monitoring Guide, ITS, etc. – Tony Esteve


5.            Research Project – Establishing a Research Approach for Estimating the Transportation Contribution to Particulate Matter Pollution. – Rich Margiotta, Cambridge Systematics


6.         Update on ITS Archived Data User Service (ADUS) standards activities – Rich Margiotta


7.            AASHTO SCOP Data Task Force activities – Jonette Kreideweis


8.         Freight Data Conference – Arnim Meyburg 


9.         Mark Hallenbeck – pot pourri of  traffic related studies





10.            Committee Business Meeting


                        Introduce new committee chair and discuss new secretary

Peer Exchange

            Follow-up from Vail

            Plans for 2002 peer exchange

Research Problem Statements

Plan for 2002 ‘summer’ meeting at NATMEC (May 12-16)

Call for Papers for 2003 annual meeting – any ideas?

A1D09 Strategic Plan

Triennial review – successfully completed

Website – brand new (



11.            Upcoming Meetings





Committee Website:                     

Ron Tweedie, Chair:              

Tony Esteve, Secretary: